Odessa II – Leningrad Street Nos. 29


Today I went to the Odessa flea market Starokonniy Rynok. It’s on Leningrad Street and the surrounding area. There’ll be a short text about that too on my Facebook acount. While walking, I saw this building with a large courtyard. It interested me. I have to go to this building or provide some more info because an inexperienced person with “Western” eyes might not see the somewhat absurd details.

Basically, it’s all rotten, more than that. Some buildings in the courtyard already seem to be collapsing. But then almost half of the courtyard is newly paved. Several buildings have very white windows. While everything around them disintegrates. Plaster crumbles everywhere. The roofs don’t look good either. But the very white windows indicate that the apartments have been completely renovated. In Odessa it ‘s like it is in St Petersburg. First put in new windows to seal everything. Then come new radiators because the old ones are mostly unrepairable and don’t work well. Based on budget and wishes. Sometimes partition walls and the old flooring are torn out. (During my Christmas visit to St. Petersburg I’ll look for the renovation photos from moving to completion and describe it completely.) New walls are put up, new bathroom and new kitchen, new flooring. That’s all of course very pricey. That why the windows are the first step. When they’re new and sealed, a huge step has been completed.

Supermoderne Eingangstür zur Bruchbude.

Supermodern door to a rotton place

But in the courtyard there are a few oddities. Doing the facade is also nice? But why only one section and why only above? And then this absurd modern door? The garage is also great. And then air conditioning for this dump! It’s drafty all over here.

How nice it would be if an entire group of buildings could be renovated together at the same time. Or if possible, an entire street or block.




Leningrad Street 29, Odessa, Ukraine

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