Odessa III – Easter cake


Today I went shopping for Easter Sunday and the next days. One should know that here in the Ukraine and in Russia also, holidays that fall on a Saturday or Sunday are usually delayed or celebrated later. Or if the holiday is on a Friday or Tuesday, the day in between will also often become a holiday so people can have a long weekend but then these days will be made up for on the following Saturday a week later. And there isn’t only First of May here, there is also Second of May. So Sunday is Easter and then there will be the two May holidays.

I first went shopping at the New Market and then continued in a mega supermarket, Fozzy.

I bought a traditional Easter cake at the New Market. In my favorite bakery “Granny’s Bakery”. On the way back, I stopped at the church on Preobrazhenskaja Street, the street where I live, to have the cake blessed.

Lilija and I were there last year at the apple festival. (if you want to read about it again: http://birrs-world.com/odessa-ii-das-apfelfest-am-19-august/ ).

We were in the church “above”, which is the main church and below that in the basement is the one for every day use. I’m going to find out why this is the case; I’ve often seen that there are two stories, e.g. in Germany in the Church of Leipzig.

That’s my cake in the bag in front.

The traditional Eastern cake can be seen well here in the background on this old postcard.

I went down to the basement and took a few pictures while waiting for the cake to be blessed. I was completely surprised by the enormous amount of icons and the fact that the ceilings and surrounding walls were fully painted. I secretly took pictures.


Then outside a completely unexpected tower cat on the church wall.


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