Berlin – Bautzen Wenzelsmarkt (Christmas market)


We drove off to Bautzen on Sunday afternoon. In order to end the year in the corner of Germany where we had started it; in Upper Lusatia. By chance, I had gotten hold of a Saxony brochure which listed the “most important” Christmas markets in Saxony. This year’s market is the 630th Christmas market in Bautzen, so the city has the oldest Christmas market in Germany. And we wanted to go to Bautzen anyway; in the springtime. Bautzen isn’t really that far away, but not nearly as close as online navi systems claim. Especially since we took our usual car nap. I was with Pico twice in the dino park in Kleinwelka. That was almost Bautzen already, but only almost.

I ordered two more books on Bautzen. All three aren’t great but they help somewhat. We arrived shortly after six at the main market next to the town hall. Where the Christmas market begins. “Zum Pauker” was the name of the B&B in Görlitz; it’s “Zum Handtuch” (to the hand towel) here, the most narrow building in Bautzen. Always one room on each floor. All fine. There’s no parking in the old town. Our landlord has yet another B&B located below at the Spree. We can park there in the hotel parking lot. A five-minute walk. We politely say thanks but first we want to go to the Christmas market, which closes at 8p.m. It’s raining in the meantime but no so hard. The Mrs. needs an umbrella of course and no longer has a hand free for anything else. I bought her a venison bratwurst, that she even enjoyed. That’s how I am.

It became more difficult for me again, but then I found a really good potato pancake. And a stand offering three types of chocolate. Directly next to that brass players, only a pity that they only played three more numbers. My Instagram account has a small impression of the band: . Wenzelsmarkt is not large. Everything is manageable, even the old town as such. Görlitz is significantly larger. Visitors should come for a day and a half, or really more, five. We moved the car down to the Spree. From / to the Spree there are different ways to ascend that we wont be able to choose. In any case, it looked really interesting down there. But about those five minutes, fifteen minutes, but no problem, I’m supposed to walk. Maybe we walked up the wrong way. Then some supper with red wine and kwas. And early to bed.



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