Odessa I – Arrival, 1st Day

View from the balkony to the Black Sea


The first night is over. Nothing to complain about in the apartment other than that the bed is too soft and that I forgot my pillow.

This morning, Thomas is really awake at 11:00. There’s a banana, black coffee and biscuits for breakfast. I haven’t been shopping yet. To save mankind, these high-rises have two 24-hour stores. They are usually grocery stores with full-fledged “products”. Expensive of course but different than in such stores in Germany – I don’t know yet how it is in the Ukraine – in Russia the sale of alcohol is not permitted between 10p.m. and 7 a.m.

I’m one hour earlier and interestingly enough, the mobile devices noticed that this time. Immediately. On the last trip, I had Hansaplatz for 4 days on my mobile, in Moldavia!
I’m staying on the 16th floor. The apartment is divided in two. Downstairs the living room with kitchen and balcony, bathroom with toilet and tub. An interior stairway leads to an upper level (identical layout) with the bedroom, bath with toilet and shower and a washing machine. There is also a terrace instead of a balcony. A little too cool to sit outside at the moment. And unfortunately, I can’t see the sea yet today. It’s hazy. 

More views from the balkony, the old city of Odessa is in the back of the flat, we are looking to modern houses.

What’s really missing are large and deep plates. And some stuff needed for day-to day life in the kitchen: Garlic press, small sieve, potato peeler…… I’ve mentally prepared myself to bring a starter set with pots and plates in April – there are enough kids who’ll be glad to take them over later.
There’s room for 4 here and there is also a camping lounger, so room for 5. Cost: 15€!!! I’m at the lower end of the old town near the harbor. All tourist attractions can be reached on foot in 5 to 10 minutes.
These days are not only meant to be for prepping my semi-move in April. I also want to become familiar with my new audio/video equipment. – At the moment I’m failing to connect the Wi-Fi to the tablet and GoPro, because I don’t know the PIN number. Can’t even remember having been assigned it. And, the tablet always reverting to sleep within seconds, really gets on my nerves.
Today’s plan:
Check out the “actual” apartment. Metro, change money, look at the sea, ride around a bit, search for a banya. In the evening, a typical Ukrainian dinner: Sausages with potato salad. Yesterday evening, I didn’t feel like finishing the rest of the travel provisions.
And in the evenings, I’ll write you about the day and the drive yesterday. Then I can leave early in the morning. And lastly, I want to know how time consuming a blog is. It’s supposed to be both a classic blog with text Blog with Facebook and similar things as well as a video blog.
Right now, it doesn’t seem as if this is something that can be simply done on the side.

Bazarnaya Ulitsa: in the street.

My Mother said always:
If you travel, you have something to say ……
And that is all about.

That’s All Folks

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