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Odessa III – In the Banja

Tach, Last week was the first time I was in the banya,…...

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Odessa III – Oil mill at the Privoz Market

The oils: The upper row: Cherry oil, poppyseed oil, linseed oil, hemp…...

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Birr Cooks – Potatoes with Tworog and linseed Oil in Odessa

Tach, At the market I bought fresh linseed oil. Linseed is available…...

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Odessa III – Standing cafe Vivius Coffee Roasters

Tach, Cafés are a dime a dozen here. I'm always finding yet…...

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Odessa III – The Second of May

Tach, The day began as they all do, with coffee and practicing…...

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Odessa III – Easter cake

Tach, Today I went shopping for Easter Sunday and the next days.…...

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